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Sajha Sawal-478 Delay in development projects

सडक, पुल, खानेपानी, सिँचाई लगायत विकास आयोजनाको काम किन तोकिएको समयमा पुरा हुँदैनन् । निर्माण व्यवसायी जयराम लामिछाने, पूर्व सचिव रामेश्वर खनाल र सांसद् एवं पूर्व उपप्रधानमन्त्री टोपबहादुर रायमाझीसँग सहभागीको बहस ।

M&S INSPIRE: Dibesh Karmacharya On the cutting-edge

Dibesh Karmacharya always wanted to work in wildlife, and later, in genetics and biotechnology. And he wanted to do his work in Nepal. The first time he tried to do so, after having finished his studies in the US, he couldn’t get things going here, so he went back to work in the US. But even as he worked on challenging projects there, he kept thinking about doing cutting-edge research here in Nepal.

Sajha Sawal Episode – 477 End of Load Shedding? With Head of NEA Kulman Ghising

लोडसेडिङ सधैका लागि कहिले हट्ला, र छेलोखेलो बिजुली पाईएला ? नेपाल विद्युत प्राधिकरणका कार्यकारी निर्देशक कुलमान घिसिङ र सांसद तथा पूर्व जलस्रोत राज्यमन्त्री महालक्ष्मी उपाध्याय ‘डिना’सँगको बहस

M&S INSPIRE: Fitness Instructor Rosy Pun

Rosy Pun is today one of the most sought-after fitness instructors in town. Pun, the owner of Niraamayae Fitness Studio and Academy, a 12,000 sq ft fitness facility, in Chakrapath, is known for being the consummate fitness professional. Little do people know that she has gotten to where she is after having had to piece back her life after living through years when she had lost all hope that she would be able to make something of herself. In this candid conversation with VMAG’s Alok Thapa talks about her unique life journey.

Sajha Sawal Episode – 476 Development of Bhojpur

यो साताको साझा सवाल पूर्वी पहाडको भोजपुरबाट ।
सांसद/पूर्व मन्त्री शेरधन राई, पूर्व सचिव/मन्त्री शंकर कोईराला र स्थानीय विकास अधिकारी सीता परियारसँग भोजपुरवासीको बहस ।

M&S INSPIRE: Love Sasha Director Prachanda Man Shrestha

Everyone has a story to tell, and for Prachanda Man Shrestha, film has been his platform through which to tell a variety of incredible stories about ordinary people. The noted scriptwriter’s second directorial venture Love Sasha is imbued with many subtle nuances that are at play in interpersonal relationships, and Shrestha is confident that the movie will resonate with its audience on an emotional level.

अब ट्याक्सीमा पनि प्रिन्टर, यात्रु ठग्नेलाई कारबाही (भिडियो)

अव ट्याक्सी चढ्दा पनि बिल पाइने भएको छ । ट्याक्सी चालकले भाडा बढी लिएको, मिटरमा नहिनेको लगायतका गुनासा आएपछि त्यस्तो अवस्था नियन्त्रण गर्न सरकारले ट्याक्सीमा कम्प्युटर विलिङ प्रणाली शुरु गरेको हो ।

Sajha Sawal Episode – 475 Youth Leaders

युवा नेताहरुलाई निर्णायक ठाउँमा जान र देशलाई समृद्धिको यात्रामा लान के ले रोकेको छ? युवा नेताहरू रवीन्द्र अधिकारी, प्रदीप पौडेल, देवी खड्का र रानी शर्मा तिवारीसँगको बहस।

M&S INSPIRE: Assisting Nature, Dr. Uma Shrivastava

Dr Uma Shrivastava, reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at Infertility Centre Nepal (ICN), derives immense pleasure from giving people hope. Through her work, Dr Shrivastava has helped many infertile couples make use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures to conceive, while at the same destigmatize infertility. In this conversation with Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG, the IVF specialist talks about the intricacies of IVF treatment, why we need to regulate IVF practice and what infertile couples need to know before resorting to IVF.

HUNGER HUNT: Newari Sausages, Red Chyang at Bulal

This week M&S HUNGER HUNT went to Bulal in Gwarko to stuff ourselves with some Newari-style sausages, mushroom choila and some ‘Hyanguthon’ or red chyaang. Bet you didn’t know about that one!!

If you truly want to eat local, you have to learn to follow your nose into the uncharted world of local, hard-to-find eateries, like Bulal, with its own horde of returning patrons, located at the inner part of Gwarko, right outside Patan, where they serve rare Newari snacks and beverages.

Sajha Sawal Episode – 474 Development of Khotang

दुधकोशीमा स्थायी पुल बन्नेकाम पुरा नहुँदा खोटाङवासीले हिउँदमा पनि राम्रोसंग मोटरमा यात्रा गर्न पाएका छैनन् । बन्दै गरेको मध्यपहाडी लोकमार्गको अवस्था पनि उस्तै छ ।
आधि अधुरो पुल बनाईमाग्न सडक विभाग घेर्न पुगेका सांसद प्रहरीको कुटाइ खाएर फर्के । जिल्ला अस्पतालको ६ ट्रयाक्टर सामान २६ हजारमा लिलाम गरे । बिरामीको उपचार गर्ने अौजार उपकरण छैन । कोहि खरेडीको मारमा परेका छन् त कसैलाई पिउने पानी छैन । बल्लतल्ल पाएको खानेपानीको योजना पानीको मुहान ILO 169 ले रोकिदियो रे । यस्तै छ पुर्वी पहाडी जिल्ला खोटाङको दु:ख ।