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Sajha Sawal Epi – 482: विद्यार्थी राजनीतिले उच्च शिक्षामा पारेको प्रभाब

स्वतन्त्र विद्यार्थी युनियनको नाममा क्याम्पस भित्र छिरेको राजनीतिले विद्यार्थीको पढाईमा सपारेको छ कि बिगारेको ?
विद्यार्थी नेताहरू नेविसंघका अध्यक्ष, नैनसिंह महर, अनेरास्ववियु अध्यक्ष नवीना लामा, त्रिभुवन विश्व विद्यालयका शिक्षाध्यक्ष सुधा त्रिपाठी अनि रत्न राज्यलक्ष्मी क्याम्पसका क्याम्पस प्रमुख निर्मला सुवालसँग सहभागीहरूको बहस ।


Pravin Chitrakar, Founder and Director of Patan Handicrafts, and the Creative Director of Yala Mandala, decided to take a chance and embrace the age old advice–follow your heart. Since he made that decision, life, for him, has been all about learning about, preserving and furthering Nepal’s rich artisan traditions. He has been in the skill-based business of arts and craft for more than a decade, since 1992, but his love and passion for Nepali craftsmanship remains alive, and shows when in conversation. In a chat with Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG, Chitrakar shares that the increasing interest in the provenance and authenticity of handicrafts in Nepal is bringing about a renaissance of the arts and crafts. He also talks about how our country needs more critical thinkers who can foster creativity and passion in this industry so that Nepal can carve out an identity as the nation of the finest handicrafts.

Sajha Sawal Epi – 481 विकास बारे बहस – तानसेन, पाल्पा

पाल्पाली ढाका कपडा र करूवाले प्रख्यात पाल्पाबासी आफ्ना क्षेत्रका सांसदहरूलाई के सोध्न चाहन्छन त ?
नेकपा एमालेका सांसद तथा पूर्व उद्योग मन्त्री सोमप्रसाद पाण्डेय, नेपाली कांग्रेसका सांसद हरिप्रसाद नेपाल र नेकपा (माओवादी केन्द्र) का नेता तुलसा रानासँग पाल्पाबासीको बहस । तानसेनस्थित पाल्पा दरवारबाट ।

Suman Sanga: एडभेञ्चरर अफ द इयर मिरा राई संगको कुराकानी

बिगत १२ बर्ष देखि एडभेञ्चरर अफ द इयर चयन गर्दै आइरहेको विश्वको एक प्रतिष्ठित संस्था “नेश्नल जोग्रफिक” को एडभेञ्चरर अफ द इयरको यस बर्षको उपाधि हात पार्न सफल अल्ट्रा धाविका तथा कान्तिपुर मिडिया ग्रुप अन्तर्गत ईकान्तिपुरकी ब्राण्ड एम्बेसडर मिरा राई संगको कुराकानी कार्यक्रम “सुमन संग” मा

M&S INSPIRE: Lens on Life – Kishor Kayastha

At a time when everything is moving so fast–changes in habits, attitudes, technology, life itself–Kishor Kayastha wants his photo work to do the opposite. With a click, he can freeze a sliver of time, and document it for the next generation. He wants to draw viewers into “his world”, where people can create their own interpretation of stories from his photos. On the cusp of releasing his short film Shifting Valley, Kayastha talks to Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG about his early days, what Kathmandu Valley means to him and how his unique vision is sometimes misunderstood.