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  1. Dear Sir,
    its a suggestation and frustration regarding the election system in Nepal to the Election Comission Nepal , esp. what has been happening in Bharatpur Nepal these days, hope and request you all to convey this message to the authorized parties and request them to sincere and honest to the Nepalalese and Nepal . Please be careful everyone is watching you ( Nepallese Election comission and nepalese political parties) these days. I have a short suggestation and request regarding the bharatpur case please read my message in details…

    A CCTV camera must be installed in every major vote counting centres in nepal from onwards, so that they are serious and scare that the people are watching them .
    Regarding the Bharatpur case, before they do anything and a new dabate occurs a CCTV camara must be there , then the vote should be counted in one condition , in case if the gap between 1st and 2nd party is smaller than the destroyed or torn out vote papers , then we can rethink about voting again , otherwise why so much discussion ?
    If you revote again there then be careful every madheshi parties and maobadi will follow it soon everywhere…..!!! So better we be careful !

    Sincerely a nepal loving man from Berlin, Germany
    Kharel, BP

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