Full Nepali Movie: BIRKHE LAI CHINCHHAS (2014)

  • Starring: Aayusha Rai, Baldip Rai, Binita Khadka, Shishir Bhandari, Subash Thapa, Suresh Upreti
  • Directed by: Aaraj Keshav
  • Produced by: Subash Thapa
  • Written by: Jagadishwor Thapa
  • Cinematography by: Niraj Kandel

Movie Synopsis: Birkhey lai Chinchhas tells the story of an ordinary man thrust into extraordinary circumstances, taking him on a journey to discover the hero within himself. Birkhey, a happy-go-lucky simpleton from a Nepali mountain village, is sent off by his villagers to find fame and fortune in the big city. But the city is cruel to him and robs him of his innocence, forcing him to make his way in life through guile and treachery. Can a common man face a hostile world and keep his innocence intact? Can an ordinary person rise to become a hero? Birkhey lai Chinchhas is a truly Nepali story with a big heart full of innocence, humor and courage.

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