NEPAL – Never End Peace And Love – BYPASS Nepali Rock Band with Prallen (Catch 22)

Never End Peace And Love (NEPAL) – Music video from BYPASS Nepali Rock Band. This song is about what has been happening in Nepal since 1990 and the wave of conflicts and violence. There is hope to get back to our intrinsic values of Peace and Love. NEPAL is short for Never End Peace And Love.


Here are the lyrics:

Never, Never End, Peace And Love
Never, Never End, Peace And Love
These words I say
Have we lost our way

These are the words… that captures our nation’s soul
These virtues… that we dearly hold

Now their meaning seems to fade away
A nation in conflict fills the headlines today

What has happened to our home
And I can’t believe my eyes.. i know i’m not alone
These burning tires, these endless protests
This senseless violence, do we really know what’s best

Wipe away all our tears
Release us from our fears
And help us find our way
Wash away all our sorrows
And Let us pray for tomorrow
Come together and pray

These ashes today will wash away
But these scars remain and are here to stay
To see you filled in tears just breaks my heart
We can’t turn back the time, we need a new start

So leave your pride behind and try to understand
Peace and Compassion… they go….. hand in hand
Rise above your anger….reach within your heart
Only Peace and Love can define our new start

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