New Nepali Mashup – Parelima / Stay With Me – Gaurav Dagaonkar (Synchronicity)

Gaurav Dagaonkar is back with his third Nepali Synchronicity Mashup of  two of his favourite songs ‘Parelima’ by 1974 AD and  ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith.

Gaurav is a Music Director/Singer/Songwriter from Mumbai, India. He is the lead vocalist and frontman of the group ‘Synchronicity’. Synchronicity is also the name of the series started by Gaurav in which he performs mash-ups of popular Nepali, Bollywood and Western songs.

He has already done two mashsups for Nepali songs Aatma ma and Jaalma.

The first mashup to be recorded and shot as a music video in this series was Tujhe Bhula Diya / Hello. The video has had over 500,000 hits on YouTube.

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