Another Nepalese Breaks Guinness World Records

We have heard of cases where some people have gone to incredible heights to be famous even if it means having a painful journey. Similarly, Puskar Nepal has made to the Guinness World record after kicking himself in the head 134 times in a minute!


The Nepalese teen shared that he took his training very seriously. He practiced very hard for eight- nine months to help his body with flexibility. Nepal even devised a technique which allowed him to alter his kicks, delivering blows to his head with both feet. His method is introduced at 1:52 in the  video.

Nepal accomplished his painful goal in December, and received his official Guinness certificate this week. Indeed, it was a dream come true for him.

Nepal broke the record held by Joel Leindecker of the US. The previous record holder had managed to kick his noggin 127 times in one minute.

Watch the video here.

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