Nepali Woman Shot And Killed, Surveillance Video of Suspect Released

A Nepali woman living in the US was shot and killed Wednesday morning (June 10, 2015) at a convenience store where she worked in The Colony, and police released surveillance video of the suspect on Wednesday.

As shown in the footage, a man wearing a dark shirt with a white cloth over his head shot Samira Siwakoti, a young mother of two.

samira siwakoti Family

The incident took place at the Rapido Convenience Store in the 7400 block of Main Street, which 31-year-old Siwakoti and her husband owned.

Surveillance cameras at the automotive business next door caught what appears to be the suspect being dropped off in a dark-colored sedan.

Police believed the killer planned to kill Siwakoti as part of his robbery and that he jumped into a getaway car after walking off the property.

Here’s the video.

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