Full Nepali Moive: YE PANDIT BAJE (2006)

Starring: Bimala Giri, Dilip Rayamajhi, Doma Lama Hyalmo, Gopal Bhutani, Kiran K C, Nikhil Upreti, Niruta Singh, Ramchandra Adhikari, Rekha Thapa, Sushil Pokhrel
Directed by: Sunil Dutta Pandey
Written by: Bikash Raj Acharya

Movie Synopsis: ‘Ae Pandit Baje’ is a hit movie of Nikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi and Sushil Pokharel by Shree Ganesh Gentle Films. Rekha Thapa is featured in a guest role in the movie, a presentation of Asmin Silwal.

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