Ko Hu Ma (Who am I) by THE VIBEZ

Here’s a unique music video for the song Ko Hu Ma by the Vibez. The music video features a different actor in each shot with a spiritual message. Check it out!

Message of the Video: Every day, when I wake up from my dream, I find myself in the midst of numerous desires and ambitions. So much to do, so much to accomplish. I can’t be (silent) even for a moment. I see my identity has been inseparably attached to what I do and how I look from outside. Am I only defined by what kind of job I do, how much money I have, which nationality/race I am belongs to, what kind of gazette I use? Or there is something else beyond ….. Suddenly, I realized, I am far apart from all these out covers: I am vast sky behind clouds I am unheard music between noises I am hidden space among crowds gap between thoughts, deep silence within dreamless sleep.

Title / Album Name: Ko Hu Ma (The Vibez)
Lyrics: Rupak Lama
Direction / Cinematography / Editing / Color Grading: Prayeen Singh
Actors: Various

Find out more about The Vibez on their official website www.thevibezmusic.com.

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