Saino (Full Movie)

saino-posterDirected by: Ugyen Chopel
Produced by: Triple Jem Movies
Music: Ranjit Gazmer
Released: 1987

Saino (साईनो) is a super hit Nepali film directed by Ugyen Chopel produced in 1987. It starred Danny Denzongpa, Bhuwan K.C., Tripti Nadakar and child actor Raksha. The music of the film was composed by Ranjit Gazmer.[1] Danny Denzongpa wrote the story of the film and Tulsi Ghimire scripted the dialogues.

Synopsis: In the film, Tripti is married to Bhuwan K.C. and they have a son (Raksha). Bhuwan leaves his family for another woman, who happens to be Danny’s wife. Danny comes to stay at Tripti’s house. He develops a strong friendship with Tripti’s son. Tripti finally accepts Danny to be her own.


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