How to check DV 2015 Results

Diversity Visa 2015 results have been released by the state department today and DV-2015 entrants can now check the results online by entering their confirmation number provided at the time of entering for the lottery last year.

Steps to check DV result:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click on Continue
  3. On the Entrant Status Check page enter the confirmation number you received after you filled DV online last year. If you do not have the confirmation number click on “Forgot Confirmation Number” link where you can verify your entry and receive confirmation number again.
  4. Enter your last name, date of birth and authentication letters as displayed on the left and click submit
  5. The final page will show if you have been selected for DV or not.

Important: State department does not notify winners by letter, email or any other means. All entrants must check results online and selectees must follow the instructions provided online. Do not respond to any letters or email asking you to send money for DV. It is fraud.

Congratulations to all the selectees!


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